The Mission:

Undiscovered Worlds seeks to reinvent the setting product by increasing their flexibility, providing content to increase immersion in the setting and increase value by making items like multiple map formats, glossaries, compatibility guides, player information handouts and indexes standard in every product.

My Story:

Many years ago, after school one day I went over a friends place to check out this new thing called Dungeons and Dragons.  After much stretching of the brain over the concepts of this new thing, I believe we were going through B2 and ran into some kobolds.  I proudly proclaimed ‘we kill them all and take their treasure’ and the GM looked at me and said ‘Err, yeah, doesn’t work that way’.  A short time later, my proclamation did end up actually happening but not quite as heroically as I’d envisioned and something rather more than a hobby had barged its way into my life.

The last 15 or so years, I have rarely been a player, primarily GMing.  Some of my campaigns have been run in the Forgotten Realms and some of it in settings of my own making.   The campaign I’ve been running for the last several years is in a neat local setting of my own design called the Valley of Aesri.

After many campaigns of having the party go here, there and everywhere, I decided to try something where the entirety of the campaign was in a very small setting.   Keeping things local has allowed me to really add a lot of flavor and detail that really hadn’t been there in previous campaigns.  My players have always had a lot of fun but in this setting, there is more of a sense of ownership now.

I hope that these products I am designing bring the same sense of immediacy to your game, whether or not you use the Valley of Aesri setting as its own game, or as additional content for your own game.

My Friends:

Very few things are achieved with a single person with no aid through others. There are many people who deserve props for helping me succeed. There’s no way I can thank them all, but the absence of their name by no means indicates their contributions weren’t important to me.

  • Ichiro L: Friend and successful Indy game developer who gives me steady advice. Check out his place at Dejobaan Games
  • Steph F: Friend whose casual ‘How’s the game’ questions can guilt me into motivation to say something other than ‘Not much to report.’
  • Montar: Friend from childhood to this day, my first GM and inspiration for many things game-wise. In spite of all this, I still ‘hate’ him for those damn illusioned ninja kobolds in that phenomenal campaign we loved so much.
  • Kevin K: For his friendship, advice and brutal honesty which eventually serves me well after I finish muttering evil things about him.
  • Johnn F for his Roleplaying Tips and publications which have served me so very well, even before I found about Gamer Lifestyle.
  • Johnn and Yax of Gamer Lifestyle for providing a vehicle to ride to success. It’s now up to me to stay on board. (Where are the seatbelts?)
  • All of my players, past and present, whose enjoyment of my games are the ultimate motivation.